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men b jab - should we or shouldnt we - pic included

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Doublebubblebubble Wed 30-Dec-15 07:29:41

Hi all


My ds is 10 weeks 4 days old. When he was due to have his jabs the first time he was hospitalised due to bronchiolitis (2 nights 6/12/15-8/12/15 - he was 7 weeks ish ) so the Dr advised to move them. I did as suggested and moved them to today at 2.20. Typically ds appears to be ill again, very dry cough, irritability, and sneeze with a bit of a virally rash... So my question is - should ds have his jabs as he is ill or should I move them again??

FoggyMorn Wed 30-Dec-15 07:34:20

Does he have a fever? If normal temp I'd say take him - and discuss with the Dr of course.

Doublebubblebubble Wed 30-Dec-15 11:48:14

He has a slight temp (38) so have moved them to the 20/1/16 - with a view to getting a cancellation app next week. Dont want to leave it too long for the poor mite. Seeing as the rash has shown up (and the rash is normally at the end of the illness- or so I believe) he should be back to normal in no time x thank you x

AnotherTimeMaybe Wed 30-Dec-15 12:00:22

I personally wouldn't take him but there is obviously a risk him not having his jabs
Ds2 has been sick non stop (fever/antibiotics/surgery) the last 3 months so he hasn't done the ones he was due at 12-13 months. The worst is that soon he's due his men b (private before NHS brought it in) and I really want him to do it!
So if that was my baby I wouldn't take him with 38 fever but soon after he's better
Hope he gets better soon x

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