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Lordosis/swayback in 7 year old

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DingbatsFur Sun 27-Dec-15 20:05:34

I've always been mindful of my sons spines because scoliosis runs in my side of the family and swayback/lordosis runs in my DH's.
Ds2 has always had a pronounced tummy, looking at him this evening, I see his tummy is more pronounced because his back is curving in. Same posture as his father who is all tummy and no core muscles (sigh). He is 7 though so there is hope for him yet.
He's an active little thing but no formally organised sports, other than swimming lessons.
What can I do to correct this and ensure his core strength is upped?
Does this merit a gp visit to get the involvement of a physio?
I've seen what happens if this isn't looked after and it's not pretty.


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