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Headlice treatment for 16 month old?

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AwfulCuntForTheButter Mon 21-Dec-15 11:45:40

Joy of joys, DS1 came home from school riddled with headlice, and has now passed them on to DS2 because he never bloody stops mauling him.

Most headlice treatments I've seen are for ages 2 and up - is there anything safe and effective I can use on a 16 month old? I'll be using a nit comb as well, of course smile

dementedpixie Mon 21-Dec-15 17:37:56

Hedrin is suitable from 6 months I think

BertrandRussell Mon 21-Dec-15 17:44:53

Can I also gently suggest that if he's riddled with them, he's had them for quite a while- perhaps it's time to start checking regularly?

And hedrin's fine for a 16 month old but if he hasn't got much hair, chocolate buttons, telly and a nit comb might actually be easier than getting hedrin washed out.

AwfulCuntForTheButter Mon 21-Dec-15 17:50:44

Thank you both!

Bertrand, he started Reception this year and I've checked him every week since, it's just this week we found the horrible little buggers! DS2 has proper ringlets but luckily he loves having his hair combed, so hopefully he'll let me delouse him later grin

lazybones77 Mon 21-Dec-15 17:52:13

Lots of conditioner and a nitty gritty comb. Those things are amazing. No chemicals and my DS was clear within 2 days.

BertrandRussell Mon 21-Dec-15 18:06:53

Sorry- didn't mean to teach my granny to suck eggs- but I get evangelical about nits and nit combing! After 16 years I consider myself an expert!

AwfulCuntForTheButter Tue 22-Dec-15 07:51:11

No problem Bertrand - my mum was exactly the same! She also loved squishing the things, mind you, she IS a sporner grin

TheBestChocolateIsFree Tue 22-Dec-15 07:57:15

If he hasn't got a lot of hair then conditioner and a really thorough nit comb every 3 days for a fortnight should do it - won't take that long. But yes Hedrin acts physically rather than chemically/biologically so should be safe.

DesertOrDessert Tue 22-Dec-15 08:01:43

Conditioner and nitty gritty every other day for 2 weeks.

wallywobbles Tue 22-Dec-15 08:02:06

Nit comb at every meal worked for us. dip in boiling water to fry the fuckers, wipe off and continue. Easiest ones ever to get rid of.
Don't forget to wash, freeze or isolate the millions of other things that go on his head like the car seat and pram.

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