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15 week old with a cough/cold

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BeeXxX Sun 20-Dec-15 21:31:44

Hi my young one is suffering with a cold and a cough (had him checked over today and it's not on his chest thank god) he caught it from his older brother who has a viral infection and rash. During today he's had 3oz, 5/6 ounces and then 6ounces of formula. He's also had his medicine (paracetamol for fever and cough syrup, tixylix)

I'm just worried he hasn't had enough fluid. I've just put him to bed, he was fast asleep straight after his bath, bless him, and he wouldn't take any milk. He's got a normal temperature etc. should I be worried and should I wake him later to try and give him milk?? Just after a bit of advice. TIA x

BeeXxX Sun 20-Dec-15 23:05:50


BeeXxX Mon 21-Dec-15 01:52:42

Hes just had two ounces and them puked most of it up sad xxx

Nowthereistwo Mon 21-Dec-15 02:07:25

Bless him.

Is his nose clear as they struggle to breathe / feed

We use saline drops /spray up nose, olbis oil on sleep bag and snuffle babe on the chest.

BeeXxX Mon 21-Dec-15 02:11:12

I cleared his nose as much as I could before his feed, he just wasn't interested sad. I hate this, him and his brother (19 months) have been so poorly the past few days.
I've tried all sorts with him, nose drop, snufflebabe etc. it sounds horrible still. I just want him better or at least drinking something. XxX

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