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can anyone identify these spots (with pic)

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Titsalinabumsquash Sun 20-Dec-15 16:10:51

DS is 3 he came home from CM last week with a raised, red rash with while bumps in the middle, like a stinging nettle rash, he was itching like mad,they were at the bottom of his neck and on his calf and ankle. They've turned into the spots in the picture and are still itchy.

I've thought about headline but there are none in his hair and bed bugs but I've gone over his mattress with a torch and searched in the seams of his bed/headboard abs the area around his bed, plus both me and DP sleep in his bed several times a week and we've not been effected.

Can anyone hazard a guess at what they are so I can try and eliminate the problem?
The one on his leg had a black barb in it that DP squeezed out and I thought only bees left a sting behind so I don't know if that's a different one but it looks and presented the same as all the others.

I also thought of fleas but we don't have animals living in the house that would have fleas (cat is an outside cat and the chickens are the other end of the garden) and DP is a magnet for them so if we did he would most certainly have bites.

The picture shows the ones on his neck and back but there are similar amounts of identical ones on his legs.

MiracletoCome Sun 20-Dec-15 21:34:35

Could it be scabies

dratsea Mon 21-Dec-15 04:04:21

Sorry, CM? Childminder? Picture = bedbug but not sure why you sleep in same bed at CM?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Mon 21-Dec-15 04:20:34

Molluscum? Do the spots have a dimple in them?

dratsea Mon 21-Dec-15 04:39:08

MyFriends MC? could be but I think MC is a bit itchy rather than itching like mad? Never remember having had it but guess I did, I have only treated bad infected MC, but I have had bedbug bites which do itch like hell, bitten on public transport.

Sorry OP, not very helpful post, calomine, piriton and hugs and kisses are way to go. I hope he is better already.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Mon 21-Dec-15 05:08:01

Yes, maybe not really really itchy..... But would bedbugs be on neck and ankles? Maybe because blood vessels are near the surface in these areas although having spots in two locations relatively far apart makes me think more of virus / bacteria than external parasite / allergy.

dratsea Mon 21-Dec-15 05:15:02

MyFriends You are probably right, could be almost anything but my opinion based on one photo and: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 21-Dec-15 08:19:05

CM - childminder yes but no he doesn't sleep when he's there certainly not in the same bed it's just that I first noticed them when I picked him up.
There was a little dimple in the middle of them, they started as a white swollen bump with a tiny spot in the middle with a red around the edge, like a bee sting.
I thought if it were bee stings someone else in the family would have them too because we all go in his bed (he's not a great sleeper) and no one else is effected.

Thank for the replies. I am giving him piriton for the itching and it does seem to be getting better slowly.

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