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Chicken pox what's normal?

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Boredworkingmum020 Sun 20-Dec-15 10:09:49

Help. My DS's nursery called us last Thursday 3 days ago saying they thought he had chicken pox. He'd had a bad cold for a couple of weeks. He had it once before when he was about 9 months but everyone said he would get it again. Now he's 3.5 he seems so much worse with it. He's covered in spots and Very lethargic. He jus wants to cuddle up and eat fruit. He's also been sick a few times and has a bad cough. His fever is controllable with calpol and itchyness with porridge baths. I never had cp as a child (desperately hoping I have natural immunity I never got it off my brothers or cousins) so not sure what's normal so grateful for anyone's experiences (I ban myself from Google at times like this)

ktmummy1 Sun 20-Dec-15 17:41:43

My daughter was very like you describe but without a cough/sick. Maybe he has a cold on top of the chicken pox? My dd was covered too, had temp of 38.5 and was really lethargic and quite poorly. Her face pox have scarred and its 8months since she had them, there are still lots of pock marks on her face. I would keep you sons room cool at night.

Boredworkingmum020 Sun 20-Dec-15 23:17:56

Thanks for the reply. He seems a bit better tonight. Him and his classmates seem to have had this cough forever but his respitory rate is fine. Hoping your little girls scars fade soon.

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