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Hand foot and mouth

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building2015 Sun 20-Dec-15 09:16:10

Pretty sure my DD age 9 has hand foot and mouth. Really REALLY bad mouth ulcers, plus little blistery things on her hands. Haven't checked feet. No bad fever, still eating, not properly really poorly.

Have given ibuprofen and she has gargled with salt water. Not sure about whether to keep her home from Christingle service this afternoon - it is v contagious, isn't it?

building2015 Sun 20-Dec-15 09:27:44

She has spots on her feet too.

Her bedding is in the wash already.Loads of American blogs say you need to wash all their toys. This is literally impossible. But would the virus even live on toys? Is that how viruses work? She was playing with her dollshouse yesterday and how would I even start to sterilise those teeny tiny things?

Graceymac Tue 22-Dec-15 11:00:45

Yes you should keep her off until blisters dried as it is contagious. You are right you can't sterilise everything and she is probably still contagious anyway. My dds had this and did get high temps before the spots came but the illness can be mild to severe depending on the child. I caught it from my dds and have never felt so ill in my life with a two day fever, rigors and spots on hands and feet but not throat.

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