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Help with 12 year old son personality changes

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conkie12 Thu 17-Dec-15 19:32:11

Really need some advice. I'm getting increasingly worried about my 12 year old son. Over the past 2 wks his appetite has nearly vanished. He's not eating at school at all & hardly anything at home. He's really tired all the time, sleeping in late & going to bed early which isn't like him at all. He also seems very miserable & unhappy. It's breaking my heart seeing him like this. Plse any advice at all would be greatly appreciated smile

anotherbusymum14 Thu 17-Dec-15 19:42:23

I wish I could say something helpful but if he really isn't eating much I'd take him to the GP (if he was my kid I would). Lack of food and subsequent weight loss isn't good for him.
Tiredness isn't that unusual at that age but with not eating (his appetite vanishing) I would get him looked over.
He's growing and needs lots of food as energy right now.
Could he be unhappy, do you think he has a persistent low mood?
What is he normally like?
I'd try and paint a picture of the "norm" for him (all kids are different) but if he is doing the opposite of what he normally does? tell your doctor this.
Some of my kids sleep more than their siblings, some eat more than others - how does he compare to himself six months ago?
Is he interested in school and friends, or has this changed also?
Has he lost friends is he being picked on?
Has anything changed for him at home? Has he lost anyone, or had major stress or changes in his life?
Does he catch a bus?
Does he like his journey to school etc? Does he tell you much about what is going on? Find out what you can and go see your GP. It could be many things from physical health issues or mental health.
Best to check it out. Hope that helps and hope you get to the bottom of it soon, best of luck.

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