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Should I be getting DC some anti-biotics or can I leave it?

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SpecialKaye Mon 14-Dec-15 10:02:15

DD is 5, and she is a bit off-colour but basically OK. A bit of a temperature so I've kept her off school, but she's been eating, drinking, laughing, playing, etc. She slept fine last night with a bit of Calpol.
I looked in her mouth this morning and she has white spots on her tonsils, which NHS symptom checker tells me is probably bacterial tonsillitis. Does this mean I have to take her to GP for anti-biotics? My preference would be to let it run its course since she's only mildly unwell, but is this irresponsible?
Many thanks.

somewheresomehow Mon 14-Dec-15 15:41:03

I doubt the doctor will give anti-B's as she is only off colour.
I would let it run its course and hopefully it will clear up

theredjellybean Mon 14-Dec-15 15:49:11

white spots on tonsils are not a clear indicator of bacterial tonsillitis . these can occur with viral infections and can also be due to tonsoliths ( benign harmless bits of cheesy stuff/matter coming sort of out of tonsils - its a bit tricky to explain them)

Bacterial tonsiltis makes people very unwell...high fever, sudden onset, no cough, very large red tonsils, exudate on tonsils ( this is more of a whitish grey film over tonsils then clear spots) and swollen glands in neck are all the markers used ( there is score system called centor and one called FeverPain that docs use to asses whether a sore throat might be bacterial and your daughter would not be any where near score suggesting this on what you have said)

Honestly, your daughter sounds like she has a mild viral infection and you are managing it fine, calpol, fluids and rest .

people really need to understand that antibiotics are for serious bacterial infections , we are facing a catastrophic future as increasing resistance will lead us with no working antibiotics.

SpecialKaye Mon 14-Dec-15 16:18:34

Thank you both. Have done as you suggest and done rest and fluids etc as she still seems mostly fine. Sounds bunged up and is snoring when asleep, but is still quite happy apart from mild temp.
Thanks for responding.

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