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6 yr old weakening most nights crying and confused

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PJ67 Thu 10-Dec-15 23:27:10

For quite a while my 6 yr old dis is weakening up about 11.30 crying. He will sometimes get out of bed and speak. It doesn't seem quite with it. I usually just take him straight back to bed and he settles. He doesn't really remember getting up. Does this sound like night terrors, sleepwalking or something else?

Kaboom Fri 11-Dec-15 17:47:05

Hi, my ds used to do a similar thing, but usually when he needed the toilet, was too hot or had a bad day. He would get up and walk, or speak, various things. He's a really deep sleeper. He hardly remember it the next day. I got used to waking up if I heard anything. He's pretty much grown out of it now, very occasionally he takes a stroll. Nothing too far. I also did this as a kid, only I used to walk far sometimes, I remember feeling half asleep & half awake. Usually when I was stressed or worried.
I'm not suggesting your son is stressed, my ds is really laid back, just trying to give examples.
I thought night terrors were more dramatic screaming & such, but I'm no expert.
I guess the usual, if your concerned the doctor might have ideas.

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