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Can some one who knows about this help? Colonoscopy, endoscopy & impedence study

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summerdreams Thu 10-Dec-15 16:39:55

My 16 month old is having these done in jan alltogether under a ga would love to hear any experience on them?
I would also love an oppinion on this he's having them done at gosh and we live 4 streets down from there they leave the impedence probe thing in all night when he comes round they send us to the patient hotel accross the road for us to spend the night and be back early in the morning. I explained to the dr that we live roumd the corner and she said you could maybe go home then I recieved a letter saying your place has been booked in the patient hotel, do you think I should ring and explain again that we live round the corner as I hate to think we're taking up space for a family who really needs it ?

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