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Are there any dentists out there?

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Traalaa Tue 08-Dec-15 08:44:25

My 11 year old has a small black mark on an upper tooth - it's either first molar or his canine I can't remember now! Either way it's one that's due to come out by the time he's 12/13. Last visit the dentist said let's leave it and keep an eye on it.

He now has a check up on the first day of the Christmas holidays (mean appt booking by DH!). He's not in any pain and the tooth looks sound, but what are the chances of the dentist deciding he needs a filling? If he does I think she'll suggest coming back after Christmas and I know he'll anxt. His teeth are fine apart from that, but he had to have a couple out at the last visit due to give room, etc. He coped okay, but understandably he's really not looking forward to going back and I don't want the shadow of a filling hanging over Christmas.

I'm tempted to re-book for first thing in the NY, but if anyone has a view, that would be ever so helpful. Thank you!

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