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Bashed foot - now has a lump on top

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dontcallus Sun 06-Dec-15 20:44:57

DS(7) hit the top of his foot very hard last night (trying to bash his brother so his own fault!). He had a bruise and some swelling (where he hit it) to the top of his foot last night. Today a small bruised area but he has a lump and will not put shoes on without complaining (can walk but with a limp with shoes on, but walking ok with occasional moaning without shoes).

Tonight it clearly aches a bit but looks ok, not swollen and bruise is localised.

My instinct is its ok, just bruised but grandparents think it ought to be looked at, so now feeling like a neglectful mum!

Thoughts? Thank you!

Amycarr101 Wed 09-Dec-15 10:28:10

you should leave it for 24hrs and see if it gets better worse or stays the same if their is signs if it getting better don't bother with the doctor. He also may have sprained it if it is swollen and badly bruised. x

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