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broken tooth!!

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metalmummy696 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:40:57

First time posting on here in a while so bear with me. Last night dd aged 23 months slipped in the bath and hit her mouth, she's split her lip and chipped her front two top teeth, the right tooth has near enough half chipped off. Anyway we took her straight through to a+e and her lip was fine and her teeth looked OK enough to wait until Monday to see a dentist after phone calls to the emergency dental hospital. Now I'm faced with the worst thing so far as a parent, her beautiful little teeth are gone and I'm heartbroken, would it be bad of me to ask the dentist to fill it over? I know it's for cosmetic purposes but it's breaking my heart seeing it. I keep seeing her fall over and over in my head.

AnotherTimeMaybe Mon 07-Dec-15 02:59:07

You can do it , my ds1 dentist says he does it all the time to children with baby teeth but problem is you need to sedate her !

madwomanbackintheattic Mon 07-Dec-15 03:19:17

Dentist fixed dd1's smashed up two front adult teeth at 7 (brand new adult teeth, sigh, she'd only had them for two months) with the white filling stuff. You have to be careful what they eat (no hard apples, carrots, lollies etc) as the fake bits will just break off (or get stuck in the lollies the day before you go on holiday - yes dd1 I'm looking at you).

It feels enormous, but I promise it's not that big a deal in the long run. For your dd these are just her milk teeth and her adult teeth will eventually grow in and fix up her smile - even with my dd1 it's no big deal and they are her adult teeth. You can barely see the joins, and she can get them capped as an adult if she wants to. She has been through top and bottom braces unscathed with the fake bits. grin

I was a bit OTT at the time as well, but in the long run it will just be one of those family 'omg, do you remember when she smashed her front teeth up?' stories. For dd1 it was on Easter weekend and we spent Easter Sunday at the emergency dentist, instead of hunting Easter eggs. They had to wait a couple of weeks for them to settle before they could fix them up, and she refused to smile for the whole time. The following week she had a dance show complete with scabby face where she had landed on it (she went over the handlebars of her bike).

Be kind to yourself, but I promise it will not be that big a deal once the shock has worn off.

metalmummy696 Mon 07-Dec-15 07:57:57

Thank you both! Having calmed down now I feel better about it but still can't face seeing it everyday, it's really breaking my heart still, we've also discovered this morning not having her teeth there is affecting her speech sigh aswell as she's started grinding it because it feels different! We're off to the dentist today so hopefully he can fix it without sedation, he's told me as long as she stays calm it'll be fine without sedation. Fingers crossed as she's usually an angel at the dentist in persuit of the sticker and balloon she gets after!

madwomanbackintheattic Mon 07-Dec-15 14:34:15

(She'll talk like that when she loses her milk teeth lol, they all get a gap lisp for a bit)

Good luck with the dentist xx

metalmummy696 Mon 07-Dec-15 18:40:04

We've been to the dentist and he wouldn't touch her until the swelling has gone downsad going to try again next Monday she'll have to sit still for 3 minutes nut other than that he can't see any reason not to if she's willing without a total meltdown, she only had a paddy today saying it hurts, soooo we've just got to wait. Still breaking my heart seeing it though! Her teeth were beautiful white and straight now the parts that are left of her top teeth are going discoloured envy aaaaah the joys of being a parent ey!

AnotherTimeMaybe Mon 07-Dec-15 22:02:33

Metal I'd personally would get them fixed.. There are some brilliant dentists out there who can sort this really quickly but most importantly who have different sedation methods without using GA. You could call dr levinkind in North London to ask how he's doing this for this age group
Don't stress, things like these are easy to fix xx

metalmummy696 Mon 07-Dec-15 23:03:04

I really do want them fixed! More than anything if this dentist won't touch then next week then I'm defiantly going to look for another option. Being passed pillar to post one person saying it'll easily he fixed then getting there and that same person saying no! Aaaargh just want my babies perfect teeth back sad seriously praying he can do it on Monday!

StompyFreckles Mon 07-Dec-15 23:07:31

It'll be fine. Be thankful they are her baby teeth. Like pp my dd broken both her front adult teeth in half at age 8. Gutted sad

metalmummy696 Mon 07-Dec-15 23:18:46

I really do feel silly for being so upset over baby teeth but I just can't let it go, teeth brushing time was my favorite time of day her little face showing her clean teeth off is my favorite! My god I'd be a mess if it was adult teeth! I'm sure an 8yo is easier to do dentist work on than a 2yo though, she's a little angel baby but since this happened no one is allowed access into her mouth! A little bit of moomin bribery might get her thereblush

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