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Baby after 8 week injections

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Poppytime Tue 01-Dec-15 08:43:43

DS had his 8 week jabs yesterday, including the new men b vaccine, for which I was advised he would likely develop a fever as it was a live vaccine and to give 3 doses of calpol, 4 hours apart. DS was inconsolable last night, even with the calpol, so we had a very unsettled night and is still not himself this morning, although I don't thin he has much of a temp now. Anyone else had this reaction? It was awful last night, and I had my toddler DD to deal with too as DH was out, really a nightmare evening - the poor baby seemed to be really in pain, crying, red and sweating sad I don't remember DD being like this, I'm guessing this may be the work of the new men b vaccine. Just wondering if anyone had similar experience, how long it lasted and whether I need to worry? He is feeding ok, albeit not huge feeds (ebf) - wet nappies though. Tia.

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