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Flucluxicillin baby sick post pyloric stenosis

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Yumpopbythesea Sun 29-Nov-15 07:27:53

My 7week old had pyloric stenosis and and the operation to fix it, he had iv flucluxicillin in hospital and now has oral fluclixicillin at home.
He is still being sick, not as much or so forceful but still two/three times a day/night and it's sick not just possetting.
Could it be the antibiotics?
Has anyone else had babies being sick because of flucluxicillin?

Ellie2015 Sun 29-Nov-15 09:38:20

You must inform the surgical team regarding this. Yes antibiotics might cause him to be sick but he has undergone a major surgery that can not be ignored. All the best x

Snert26 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:09:27

yes my son had this also for a while after op it did stop after a while cant remember how long it was is it is now nearly 14 years ago but if in doubt id mention in anyway. better safe than sorry.

VikingLady Sun 29-Nov-15 22:15:27

Call the hospital and check with the surgical team, just in case.

dratsea Mon 30-Nov-15 02:51:17

I am sorry to hear he is still sick, breast or bottle? How is his weight doing?

Background: (For why?) The pylorus gets over active, the stomach muscles hypertrophy, the pylorus gets stronger and eventually the pylorus wins, the stomach contracts with incredible power so he gets the projectile. He loses weight, gets "greedy" drinks more and still vomits, reinforcing the cycle. Breasts get sucked dry and go into panic mode. Nice paediatric surgeon smile cuts muscle of pylorus. In old days kept in for week or more on "quick pi" or "slow-pi" regimen (it gave the nurses something to do) Now home next day, I have sent one home same day but mum was my paediatric ward sister! Three problems, op will have slowed down the distal bowel, the stomach is still hyperactive, the poor thing is still greedy, the feed could be huge if from breast so he still vomits.


No temperature and
Weight gain, or at least no loss and
Happy between vomits and sleeping reasonable time (more than two hours) before demanding food


He will be fine

Else: ask a paediatric surgeon who is earning money rather than drawing a pension.

Hope he is already better.

Just curious, fluclox because done laparoscopically and had a bit of infection round belly button? pm if you do not want to make public. But to anyone finding this thread in the future: If not red and more than 3days from op probably safe to stop fluclox but that is an opinion and not an instruction.

Potatoface2 Mon 30-Nov-15 23:15:52

hi....ive PM you smile

Yumpopbythesea Wed 02-Dec-15 11:48:19

Thank you all for replying. I didn't get any notifications so didn't think anyone had.
He has gained weight we left hospital 8 days ago he was 10lb 5 and now 10lb 11
He is breast fed and I think sometimes he is sick after a longer gap between feeds when breast feels full, he could be getting a large amount and not know not to have so much?
We're two days clear of antibiotics now and still being sick so it wasn't that.
I've been back to Dr who says he is fine no temperature not dehydrated.
He had antibiotics due to redness around the incision. He had to have a second operation due to internal stitches dissolving too quickly.
I'm hoping you are right dratsea and he just needs more time xxx

Yumpopbythesea Sun 06-Dec-15 18:30:39

Just to update incase anyone comes across this in the future my son had to have another operation due to a recurrence of pyloric stenosis, it wasn't the antibiotics xx

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