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Threadworm - graphic - sorry

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UnpreparedMum Fri 27-Nov-15 20:11:09

So we had a letter home from nursery school On Tuesday saying there had been cases of threadworm and that very night my dd (3) complained of a sore bottom after getting out of the bath. It was quite red and I think I saw some whitish bits. That was enough evidence for me so I de wormed her (& me) using Ovex on Wednesday. I have a 15 month ds too, but he's too small for Ovex. I have also been massively over the top with laundry and housework. I don't take these things lightly!
Anyway, since almost immediately, her bottom has returned to normal colour and no more 'sightings' (I have checked each night since) and I've not seen a single worm in her poo. I'm beginning to think I've imagined it.
Can it really have been worms with just that one tiny sighting?!?
Sorry. This is vile and I'm hoping to God the poor baby (who is already a shocking sleeper) doesn't get it (or me).

Shootingstar2289 Fri 04-Dec-15 16:22:07

I feel for you. Worms were going round my sons school and he caught them!! We treated and got rid.

It was great that you treated her, even just as a precaution.

It was likely she had them - cases at nursery, sore bum, white bits but it may just be that she had a mild case that was easily treated.

I do not want to worry you but I also have a daughter under two who could not be treated.. She had no signs when my son did but three weens after he was first treated I seen one her. Freaked out, called the doctor who prescribed her treatment (they can take the treatment if seen by a doctor). I was very strict with hygiene after treating my son (a clean freak as it is, but this tipped me over the edge) so she was obviously infected before I realised my son had them but didn't have signs for a few weeks. I am always a clean freak but I guess it was the odd time my son touched my daughters dummy, when he played with her toys snd they used to share a bath. They

Please remember to take a second dose two weeks after the first to kill of any eggs that may have hatched.

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