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Puberty symptoms at 5 can this be?

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kingB4 Thu 26-Nov-15 01:53:42

My daughter 5yo has pubic hair, body odour and signs of breast development. Has anyone heard of this before? Should I speak to school nurse or Dr first.

ottothedog Thu 26-Nov-15 02:01:09

I would speak to the gp. Its definitely worth an appointment to find out whats going on

f1fan2015 Thu 26-Nov-15 02:03:48

Make an appointment with your GP as the cause needs to be investigated

madwomanbackintheattic Thu 26-Nov-15 02:12:30

Soft downy blonde? Or coarse actual pubic hair? Both of mine had breast buds/ fatty tissue from that age (actually breast tissue earlier in dd1's case) and downy hair. Leg hair too for a few years. Serious BO. It then all disappeared until 11/12. Nothing much came of the breast tissue either. It stayed as it was until 12/13. GP said all normal with dd1 so I ignored it with dd2. Dd1 started her periods at 12. Dd2 is 12 and not started yet. Both had breast tissue, hair and body odour way way earlier than I thought possible, but it was all false alarm stuff. Dd2's breast tissue is actually only now starting to develop properly, rather than the small amount she has had for years. Might not be anything to worry about, but best to be sure. It seemed to be normal for both my girls.

WishIWasWonderwoman Thu 26-Nov-15 03:00:04

Best to go to the GP and get it checked out.

Ellie2015 Mon 30-Nov-15 19:57:17

Dont bother abt GP, must go and see a Paediatrician who can thoroughly do all the investigations. It is abnormal to have precocious puberty in girls at this age but good news is in girls it is most likely to be due to a benign cause. Let us know how u get on. Will be thinking of u. Good luck

chantico Mon 30-Nov-15 20:00:16

Yes, see GP and ask if she can be referred to a paediatric endocrinologist.

IIRC (from friend with DD with early puberty) if age 6 or under, they tend to recommend intervention with aim of delaying it for a couple of years.

Bunbaker Mon 30-Nov-15 20:08:13

"Dont bother abt GP, must go and see a Paediatrician"

I think you have to be referred by a GP.

vcrees6 Mon 30-Nov-15 21:30:44

I think these articles may be a helpful read:

It says towards the end of the first one that exercise is a way try and delay early onset puberty.

I really hope that your GP refers you appropriately or you are able to afford a private consultation with a specialist quicker.

Ellie2015 Tue 01-Dec-15 08:12:58

Yes ideally u go to GP but the reason i said that is waiting list is sometimes too long. If it were my child, i would take her directly to the hospital, if there is good long waiting time through GP.

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