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Spotty 7yo?

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ARichVernacular Tue 24-Nov-15 23:29:41

My son is 7 and over the last couple of months he's had a few outbreaks of what look like classic teenage spots, angry red ones that sometimes develop a white head. They're mostly around his mouth/chin, sometimes on his cheeks, but atm he has one on his eyelid shock and last month he had a huge one between his collarbones that I think turned into a boil he wouldn't let me squeeze it, aargh

Is this normal? I will take him to the doc anyway just to get checked out, but was just wondering if anyone else's DC had had similar at this age.

His diet is pretty good, probably a bit too much bread and sugar but he eats loads of fruit and veg. He is a fidget and built like a racing snake, very healthy overall generally.

ARichVernacular Wed 25-Nov-15 09:30:33

Bumping for the morning crowd smile

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