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Blood sugar levels in childrem

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ktmummy1 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:32:56

My dd1 is 3. I have had some concerns about her recently which include; sudden behaviour change-become really difficult to handle, hitting me, pulling my hair, etc etc-good as gold at nursery though. Also she's had some eye crossing/unfocused look in her eyes. She's a thin child but eats an average amount I would say . She drinks loads.

Anyway, tonight I decided to test her blood sugar after going to the doctor last week who was v dismissive.

I had a blood sugar testing kit after having gestational diabetes in my pregnancy with her.

So I Did the test and the reading was 4.9 at bedtime. This was about an hour after eating two fish fingers, a smiley face(potato thing) a petit filous and a cup of milk. I know this is low and therefore not indicative of diabetes but is this too low? I took her a banana and she are a quarter of it.

acupofteafortwoormore Wed 25-Nov-15 12:27:06

Between 4 & 7 is normal for children after meals - but some children can be symptomatic of low blood sugar above 4.

These children may just have a fast metabolism, sometimes referred to as accelerated starvation - where the body acts hypoglycaemic but on testing the BM's are not actually below 4. These children/adults need to eat regularly & often need a snack before bed & can be very irritable/difficult when hungry.

However there is also a medical condition that mean children's blood sugars drop below 4 & they need food/special drink to get them back up - although quite rare it can be picked up at birth/newborn stage or there is a type that can appear later in childhood if it is the transient type. The main difference is the hypoglycaemia symptoms are usually matched with a BM reading of below 4 or for some 3.5.

However - The most interesting time to test is when displaying symptoms as sometimes high blood sugar can make similar symptoms as low & if they are normal then you can think about other triggers/causes for this behaviour. Also I would test on waking - before eating/drinking anything as that will see if she is low after a long time of not eating.

Your monitor may not be accurate after a long time of no use & it is not nice for a child to have it done so maybe only take the fasting one on waking tomorrow & use it if you are worried/she is showing symptoms you are worried about. Then see your GP -

Final wisdom - trust your instinct & if you feel your LO does react to food/hunger/sugar etc just keep a bit of a diary & then see the GP.

PM if you would like more information -

ktmummy1 Wed 25-Nov-15 14:09:32

Thank you so much for all this useful information. I am reluctant to test dd again as she was pretty upset after and didn't really understand why Is hurt her foot (I did a heel prick rather than finger). As her behaviour is so difficult, I don't want to repeat the test and cause her to be even more difficult with me than she already is. I did it as a one off to rule out diabetes and she was exhibiting symptoms eg v difficult saying she's hungry despite eating, crying etc etc.

I am pleased to hear that 4.9 is within the average range for a child after eating.

I am already keeping a diary of her behaviour and adding in sleep problems, hunger etc. hoping I'll find some sort of pattern to it soon.

Thanks again for your help.

acupofteafortwoormore Wed 25-Nov-15 14:11:59

If you do test again do it on the side of the finger tip/pad -

Will hurt less - just make sure she has clean dry hands & you do as well, as can get fake highs if you have substance on your hands.

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