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Epilepsy and Low Carb Diet

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lalamumto3 Tue 24-Nov-15 08:07:01

Hi, my dd (15) was diagnosed with Nocturnal epilepsy this year. I discussed a low GI diet with her consultant recently and have been really careful with her carb intake since. This weekend she had quite a lot of cake and we had some still at home and she had a couple of cup cakes last night. She had a seizure this morning.

I just wondered what others experiences are?

Bb14 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:45:54

I know that a ketogenic diet can help with seizures in children... But this is different to just a low carb diet. As far as I know it's really high fat and very strict with weighing out everything. I'm epileptic and it didn't work for me - for some reason adults don't get the same results!

Ellie2015 Sun 29-Nov-15 09:59:45

The nature of her fits has changed. She now has had it in morning which perhaps disqualifies it from nocturnal. So u must d/w her consultant. Early morning fits commonly occur due to low blood glucose (as child fasts overnight). But since she is 15, it might be something benign like myoclonic epilepsy. So it might be a case someone needs to sit with u, discuss this new episode, character and duration of fit and the discuss a full management plan. Good luck x

lalamumto3 Wed 02-Dec-15 09:49:38

Thanks so much for your replies, we have seen her consultant, who is brilliant with her, she has upped her medication and so far so good. Although she is 15, she is very small as she has Down Syndrome, she is only 1.4 metres tall. I will google myclonic epilepsy to get a better understanding. We are waiting on a referral to our local hospital's epilepsy clinic which will hopefully provide us with access to epilepsy nurses etc. I have cut down cakes etc, which is no bad thing for her as she had gained half a stone which was not good for her.
Thanks again for your replies I really appreciate them.

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