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Help giving 19 month old inhaler

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sorcha80 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:52:55


I've had a search through previous threads but nothing I've read is working so far.
DS is 19 months and has an inhaler occasionally as he gets very very wheezy and coughy with colds/viruses etc. He used to be really good at taking it but just suddenly went off it a few months ago and now we can't get him to take it at all.
We have to hold him down (which takes two of us meaning when one of us is alone with him it's almost impossible) and he screams and violently thrashes so much that apart from being really distressing he also makes himself cough even more and without fail he coughs so much he vomits. A lot. Every single time. Not to mention the fact that when they're crying they're not breathing deeply so it doesn't go in as well.
He doesn't really understand bribery yet and we let him play with the inhaler and spacer to get used to it. He'll even play putting it to his face and taking a deep breath but won't hold it properly over him mouth and nose and won't hold it on for more than 1 second. We've tried doing the whole "look, mummys doing it, now daddys doing it..." but that doesn't work either.
We've tried it when he's asleep but it just freaks him out and he wakes up. Plus we generally need to get it into him to stop the coughing enough for him to sleep.

Any other ideas at all?? Really don't want him to be scared of the inhaler any more!

Thanks :-)

00100001 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:57:13

I think he would soon learn the bribery.

But, if he's putting it to his mouth and doing the deep breath thing, just kind of press the inhaler - some of it will go down him. Just up the amount of times if needed.

Then just f praise him HUGELY for doing it.

Ignore the tantrums/refusal etc.

00100001 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:58:22

we had this same problem with my nephew, he needed it once a day, and started refusing and turning his head away just as he puffed.

We just kept at it - did the inhaler twice at bedtime if needed. (once at beginning and then again just before sleep if we felt he didn't get much the first time)

Pitapotamus Mon 23-Nov-15 16:43:22

I have a technique for pinning a toddler down and administering it because no amount of bribery and familiarisation has worked for us and I figure if they need it they have to have it. I basically lie him down with his arms out at right angles and I sit pinning his arms down with my legs and his head wedged between my thighs! Then I have two hands free, one to press the button on the inhaler and the other to hold the inhaler against his mouth as he thrashes his head around! Not everyone's cup of tea but very effective in an emergency!

FeelingSmurfy Mon 23-Nov-15 16:50:11

One for teddy, get him to hold it on teddy while you say things that you will be saying to him "that's it, just two more breaths teddy, no you have to keep it on teddy..." Then its his turn, and repeat one "puff" for teddy then one for DS

Also get stickers for him to decorate it with, make it a big deal of him choosing the stickers and where does he want them because its his special machine so he gets to pick

FeelingSmurfy Mon 23-Nov-15 16:51:27

Good thing with the spacer is that it stays in there so he will be getting some in even if its on and off

Depending on your son, can he make it click? Make a big fuss when he gets it to click then go quiet to see can he do it again

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 23-Nov-15 16:53:36

please don't feel bad about him.getting upset. it has to be done and accepting the inhaler at a young age can take some time.

I had to pin down dd1 aged 2.

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