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Gastroenteritis going on for 9 days now

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Booboostwo Sat 21-Nov-15 21:16:12

DS 14mo brought home a vomiting and diarrhea bug from nursery last week. Within the weekend it had passed to me, DH, DD 4yo, our nanny and her boyfriend (we did try to contain it but it was unstoppable). Typical norovirus stuff, 6ish hours of non-stop vomiting and diarrhea, another 6 of on-off episodes and then things getting gradually better.

The DCs then had two days of fever. Then DD had another major vomiting/diarrhea night, two days recovery and back to two days severe diarrhea again. DS has had very loose stools but only once or twice a day. They are both taking diarrhea stopping medication on the advice of the doctor but it's not making much of a difference.

Is all this part of the course or should I be pushing for some kind of tests or help come Monday? I am careful to ensure DD stays hydrated but she's becoming quite tired now poor thing and has visibly lost weight. We're all suffering from the lack of sleep as well.

DRSLondon Sun 22-Nov-15 07:32:04

Ugh horrendous, we are in the same boat. My 8 month old had a tummy bug followed by a cold. He now has another tummy bug and I'm at my wits end. Weve all caught it too which doesnt help. My son has lost so much weight and was on the 2nd percentile anyway so is a little thing to begin with. Am getting increasingly worried as he has basically not eaten properly for a month. The docs tell me it's just this time of year and that his immune system will improve but it v frustrating. Not sure there is anything we can do but wait for it to pass sad

Wishing you all better.

Booboostwo Sun 22-Nov-15 07:35:50

That sounds even worse DSR with a 8mo! Poor little mite! DD had a cold with fever right before the V&D bug as well so it's been over two weeks of constant illnesses for her!

Ormally Fri 04-Dec-15 23:42:53

Seem to remember something like this. The gastro - respiro sequence leaves them really low so it could well be a reinfection. I got into a (tiny bit OCD-ish) phase of anti-bac wiping everything like...light switches, banisters, remote controls, keyboards. Do a towel/pillowcase/whatever wash with milton tablets. The thing I think that really worked was insisting the DC washed hands really well the minute they came in the door, before anything else, and before eating anything (i.e. snacks on the go). Hand gel was ok but hot water & soap did it.

Ormally Fri 04-Dec-15 23:44:46

Oh, and you may know this already by now, but DD got to quite like the raspberry dioralyte to be drunk in quite little quantities with a straw.

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