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Sicky posseting breastfed baby

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caffeineanddryshampoo Fri 20-Nov-15 18:39:07

I have a very sicky 12 week old baby. He possets/spits up more than I think is normal, mainly afternoon/evenings. I visited the dr and they weren't 100% convinced it's reflux but did prescribe ranitidine (have tried gaviscon in ebm but he didn't like it really). I don't really want to give him this medicine unless he really needs it. I know he will grow out of it eventually (as his oesophagus matures) but it's quite upsetting me. It's hard to lie him down in case he pukes! He doesn't really projectile and he's gaining weight well.

I have had support from the bf support team, they suggested it might be over supply and to block feed and also feed him sat up which I struggled with. #he's been checked for tongue tie so it's not that.

I keep reading about people cutting out things in their diet to help. I don't eat dairy anyway so that's not an issue here so I'm not sure what else to cut out - caffeine, soya? How long will it take to see results? Although I only drink 3 cups of tea with soya a day I really need them with the night waking! Happy to cut them out though if it made a difference.

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