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Speech therapist in Central London for 6 yo with list

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Preminstreltension Fri 20-Nov-15 16:26:32

Can anyone recommend anyone who we can see privately? DS (just six) has a lisp but as well as that (thock for sock) will often do a sort of reverse lisp (srew for threw). He's been assessed at school who agree that he has a lisp but the local authority / health authority only provide help if it's impacting on the child's phonics or reading because they can't actually hear the difference between the sounds. That's not the case here - his reading and phonics is fine - but we do need to get some attention on it as people are starting to comment.


Preminstreltension Fri 20-Nov-15 16:27:10

ARGH - he's got a lisp not a list!

Preminstreltension Sat 21-Nov-15 21:02:55

hopeful Saturday night bump

ShoeJunkie Sat 21-Nov-15 21:05:00

You can find private SLTs on the ASLTIP website ASLTIP

ktmummy1 Sun 22-Nov-15 21:18:14

Has he got his 2nd teeth yet? This can change/improve lisps. ASLTIP would be your port of call. Also there is a website run by a charity calle AFASIC (action for all speech impaired children), loads of info/advice on this. In my area, SLTs in the NHS would not routinely treat a child with a lisp until 8 and even then, only if it was affecting overall intelligibility of speech.

Preminstreltension Mon 23-Nov-15 09:59:37

Thanks for the messages. No he hasn't got any second teeth yet - interesting to hear that that could change things. Will do some research on that website. thanks again

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Mon 23-Nov-15 10:07:22

Ruth Jacobs and her team are truly amazing!

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