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Chicken pox and not weeing?

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Arkkorox Wed 18-Nov-15 16:41:48

Dd (11mo) has had chicken pox since sunday night ( spots appeared Monday afternoon but fever from sunday night. She's been having her 4 bottles of milk a day as normal but not eating much at all and refusing water. She hasnt wee'd Much today at all, I changed her at 9 and at 1 the nappy was hardly wet, I just checked her again now and it's hardly wet again where as normaly It would be more full. This afternoon she seems more wobbly than normal. Falling over a lot more and struggling to keep her balance much more than normal although still happy and harassing the dog as per usual. Anything to be worried about or is she just a bit weak from being poorly? No temperature. She had one dose of calpol at 9.

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