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Anal fissures in children

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Hygellig Mon 16-Nov-15 21:23:18

My son (almost five) has had intermittent bouts of constipation for about a year now. Just recently, he has had trouble pooing and there has been a bit of blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet bowl. His teacher told me that today he was in a lot of pain when on the toilet (he has not been in pain since then). Looking on the NHS website suggests it could be an anal fissure. Has anyone had experience of this in children and would the GP be able to do anything to treat it, or will it heal up by itself?

I really struggle to get him to eat more fibre; he eats fruit and drinks plenty of juice and water, but refuses all vegetables. He also says he doesn't like the toilets at school so I think he sometimes puts off going when he is there.

Verbena37 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:36:31

For loads of cool info on wee and poo issues, check out the ERIC website. In particular, they have a section on their clean school toilets campaign.

In the mean time, I'd pop your DS to the GP and explain that he gets constipated and ask for Movicol Paediatric sachets. They take one or two a day in water or juice and then reduce it to one after any impact ion is cleared and then, once back to normal, stop. They aren't harmful....they just add water to the poo, softening it and help them go naturally.

An anal fissure isn't anything to worry's just a hairline graze type thing that should will clear up quickly.

Hygellig Tue 17-Nov-15 07:29:39

Thank you Verbena - I will have a look at the ERIC website.

Wolpertinger Tue 17-Nov-15 07:48:43

Poor love, he needs to see his GP. If he has been constipated for months he will need Movicol for months, not just a couple of days to clear a blockage. The bowel gets distended encouraging more and more constipation - he needs treatment until he isn't scared of loos and poos anymore (and has lost the habit of holding it for ever and ever that he has now) and his bowel has gone back to normal. ERIC site is great.

captaincake Wed 18-Nov-15 15:57:49

Take him to the GP. I've had a fissure for over a year and am close to needing surgery. It is horrendous. If my GP had actually treated me as he should have when I first went this hell could have been avoided.

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