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How to find NHS paediatric dentist in London

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NNat Mon 16-Nov-15 21:09:20

Hi, my dc needs to be seen by dentist. We're foreigners and I'm not sure how to get an appointment - do I need to ask GP for referral? are they only based in hospitals?

NHS web site isn't very clear on this

Any advice would be appreciated

messystressy Mon 16-Nov-15 21:19:16

We use a local private dentist, check up is £20. Some will not charge for children if you are a private adult patient. If you want to go NHS (and pay heavily subsidised rates) I suggest you use this website and try and register as an NHS patient. It is important that you stress this as many dentists and both NHS and private.

Allgunsblazing Mon 16-Nov-15 21:23:16

We have the same dentist, the whole family. I don't think we have paediatric dentist as such.
Your first port of call would be the dentist. If your DC needs further specialised input, you'll be referrred to the hospital.

NNat Tue 17-Nov-15 23:03:18

Hi, thanks a lot!
messy, the link is super helpful!

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