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Toddler's knuckles dislocating

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GloGirl Fri 13-Nov-15 13:32:01

I think my son is mildly hypermobile. A few joints bend further than expected, he clicks his jaw for fun etc. Recently I've noticed one knuckle on both hands pops in and out of joint.

I'm guessing there's nothing I can really do about it? He's not 3 yet so a little time left to worry about learning to write etc. I was a little worried as he seemed to catch it and l it was stuck out of joint and complained but he bent his fingers and it seemed to sort itself out.

He's very quick and clumsy but walks well etc as far as I can see. I guess I just wanted a bit of reassurance? It's too trivial for a doctor's appointment.

amarmai Fri 20-Nov-15 00:47:04

not trivial. better to get advice in case there are complications.

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