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Children's dental health

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05che13 Fri 13-Nov-15 11:35:02

I am a final year student studying product design currently researching the causes and severity of poor dental hygiene in children. If you could spend 2 minutes completing this questionnaire, being as honest as possible, it would massively help with my research.

This questionnaire is designed to get a better grasp of children's dental health. The outcome of this project is to potentially design a product that could greatly improve the health of many young children. For any questions please feel free to contact me through message, thank you to anyone that take part

Millie2013 Fri 13-Nov-15 21:19:26


Chrisinthemorning Fri 13-Nov-15 21:21:37

Done, hope I don't skew your results

CocktailQueen Fri 13-Nov-15 21:23:44


GeorgiaT2468 Sat 14-Nov-15 20:29:35

Done xxgrin

Olivo Mon 16-Nov-15 18:26:10

Tired to. It srvey now closed sad

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