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Toddler silent reflux?

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TheOriginalWinkly Tue 10-Nov-15 21:41:15

Sometimes/fairly often I hear DD (1.4y) making a sound that's like there's vomit rising in her and she's swallowing it. She's always been a crappy sleeper and a very 'sucky' child - still seems to breastfeed quite a lot for her age. Could this (still?) be reflux? She's generally quite a happy little soul otherwise.

Sirzy Wed 11-Nov-15 10:08:04

Worth mentioning it to the GP/HV

Ds is nearly 6 and is still on reflux meds.

sophiesiobhan Tue 19-Jan-16 03:48:06

My DD is 17 months and has the same - silent reflux as they call it. Happy by day, wakes up screaming at night. The acid in her throat and also tummy wind pain. I've implemented a few things which have really helped but not alleviated her reflux

- less fruit and more veg of snacks (steamed carrots and broccoli etc instead of oranges and grapes do at least one snack) and son fruit after 4pm as its acid making
- milk in a bottle 30 mins at least before bedtime and upright for that time
- no bottle before the lunchtime nap. This means a lot of singing and settling in my arms as a substitute for the bottle
- mash up the evening meal
- I give goat milk after the lunch nap (not before) and coconut milk unsweetened morning and eve. I let her have the baby bottle still as she loves to suck. In fact she won't use the skippy cup.

The only thing is that when she does wake she is still not good at self settling.

I've resisted mess but at this stage am looking into them. It's horrid to see her such pain.

Also, she is not thr underweight reflux type. Far from it. The gobbling up food and not chewing it properly to my mind can't help.

I wonder if:
1 anyone has given any meds?
2 anyone can suggest a good cup to take to bed?
3 any other suggestions?!


BrittaBroad Thu 21-Jan-16 11:02:26

Was just going to post about silent reflux toddler issues, so hope it's ok to hop in here? OP, that all sounds familiar. My son (no4 14 months) had reflux when small, turned to silent reflux once sitting and eating solids. He was officially diagnosed at 9 months, after months of me wondering if it was normal for babies to wake screaming from every sleep and wake hourly or two-hourly at best, with none of the 'consolidation' of sleep that should happen in theory... Was told by all healthcare professionals that I was an anxious first timer/just wasn't strict enough at night. He also had a phase from 3-5 months where he seemed to fight against sleep, day and night. this makes sense now as I assume lying down was painful sad Anyway, gurgly noises, terrible sleep and being very sucky could all be signs of silent reflux. On the issue of meds, we (reluctantly) tried two different PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) at different points, out of desperation to improve bad sleep and also patches where eating seemed to cause him pain - he would clearly be hungry, enthusiastically eat a few mouthfulls, then start crying and refuse any more food. Anyway, both PPIs (Nexium then Losec) gave him difficult side effects. nexium made him insomniac and a bit manic. losec gave him the most terrible diarrhea, and we think also dizzy. He was clingy and wobbly on Losec, and we gave it 6 days, but the weight loss was pretty steep so stopped. But I have heard others say their LOs were transformed by meds, so maybe worth a go as the ballance of side effects and helpful impacts will doubtless vary. sophiesiobhan we have not seen any pattern of foods making him worse - frustratingly. There are also no signs of allergies in his case. We do find making sure he has at least an hour/hour and a half between dinner and bed seems to help. Milk feeds are tricky as he still breastfeeds, and seems as reliant as ever on nightfeeds to seek comfort from reflux and get back to sleep. It's frustrating as we'd hoped to try and cut back or stop night feeds, but when his reflux is bad it's the only way we avoid he and I and his dad being up all night. I dream of getting to the point where he only wakes up 3 times a night... Anyway, I wondered if anyone has ideas about if cutting out night boob feeds helps or is a bad idea for a refluxy-toddler, and generally wanted some sympathy that we are still in newborn-sleep patterns while everyone else I know considers a bad night 2 wakings! Trying not to become bitter and burned out, but it is really hard, especially as I am back at work full time.... I bloody HATE reflux.

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