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Undescended testes

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haylzdoll Tue 10-Nov-15 12:22:49

Just wondering if anyone can help or if there LB has been through the same thing. My son is four and in September had an operation on his testes as they were both undescended. The op went well and he was fine afterwards but has recently been complaint that the right hand side is still sore and myself and my partner noticed that they didn't seem even. I have had him at the doctor today and she thinks that the right one has shrank after the op due to lack of blood supply and will not function but that the other is healthy and that this should not affect him in future with fertility. We are now waiting on another appointment with the surgeon who completed the operation to get his opinion.. Will my son need to have the damaged one removed? Has anyone else been through the same situation? Although the doctor said that his fertility shouldn't be affected it states on the nhs site that boys with only one undescended testicle should have normal fertility but those with two undescended would not normally have a good fertility rate. I know he is only nearly 5 and it's a lot of years away from being a problem for him but it's horrible to think this may affect him when he is older. Thanks smile

Diggum Tue 10-Nov-15 20:46:00

Not sure if they remove atrophied testes tbh, but if he's had the op at this stage (i.e early in life) then the fertility rates tend to be okay.

It's more if the testes are left undescended as boys head towards puberty that there are fertility problems, as sperm need a cooler temperature than body temperature to develop properly.

Given he now has both testes down I would think that even if one doesn't "make it", he should still have viable sperm production in the other.

dratsea Tue 10-Nov-15 21:31:11

I think your GP is right and it has died due to lack of blood. It would not need to be removed, tbh if there is only a tiny bit left, too small to even feel and it can make miniscule amounts just remember it only take 1 sperm to fertilize an egg, the other 250million are overkill. But you need to see and ask your surgeon.

haylzdoll Wed 11-Nov-15 13:39:00

Thanks for your replies. I won't worry myself until after we have spoken with the surgeon he will know best smile

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