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FondantFancy66 Sun 08-Nov-15 12:23:26

DS2 (8'weeks) has suspected reflux, and I finding it horrendous. He constantly sick, literally every 10 minutes. We were prescribed Gaviscon, but warned it could cause constipation, which is has. My poor little boy is screaming in pain, so I've stopped the Gaviscon, which I don't think was doing much anyway. We're waiting on a referral to a paediatrician, but I've no idea how long that will take. We can't go anywhere because he's so sick. His bouncy chair is covered in vomit, carrycot, cot bed, all his sheets and blankets, he's getting through six or seven outfits a day. I can't get things washed and dried quickly enough. I have an older son who's at nursery, but on the days he's here, I'm constantly cleaning up after his younger brother.

I'm not sure why I'm posting, just ranting really. But if anybody has any tips or words of wisdom, they'd be very welcome!

MrsMolesworth Sun 08-Nov-15 20:55:47

Sympathy. DS2 had it too and it was relentless. Non stop vomit and screaming.
Ranitidine helped far more than Gaviscon. He may be too young now but won't be in a few weeks time. Those colic drops helped too - forget the name of them.
When you wind him, try propping him up in sitting position on your knee and rubbing his back gently, instead of having him on your shoulder, as the pressure on the stomach can lead to sickness.
Don't do full feeds. Feed on and off all day in tiny amounts. Avoid tummy time, and keep him upright as much as possible in a car seat or papoose.
prop up his cot mattress as well if you can.
Buy huge bibs and use towels when feeding, or layered muslins that wash easily.
If you want, start weaning at 3 months. Ignore any HVs who say you can't. Course you can. Weaning advice varies according to fashion. Just don't wean onto anything that causes allergies. Baby rice, pureed pear, potato, butternut squash are all less likely to come back up than milk.

CoodleMoodle Sun 08-Nov-15 21:02:21

flowers for you, and your DS. It really is horrendous. My DD had reflux AND CMPA when she was the same age. Are there any signs of allergy?

DD had ranitidine and was then put of reflux formula but this made her constipated. Then we insisted CMPA was considered (DH had it) and she was put on allergenic formula. She was so much better on that.

I really hope this gets better for you all soon. It must be awful for everybody.

FondantFancy66 Sun 08-Nov-15 21:27:44

Thanks for replying. I'm having trouble getting out of the house because of it, so it's getting a bit lonely! Right now he's thankfully fast asleep, and peacefully asleep for the first time in days. I doubt it'll last, but at least he's not uncomfortable at the moment. I did a very gentle abdomen massage earlier (did a course when DS1 was a baby) and he seemed to enjoy that, so I might try it again tomorrow. Nothing too vigorous though, and I waited until I was sure he'd puked everything up before starting!

What makes it seem worse I think is that he's a twin. His twin has none of these problems and is the most contented baby ever, so it's a complete contrast. She misses out on cuddles because he gets so many because he's upset so often. And I keep wondering, imagine how easy life would be if he was as content as she is.

Hopefully we can be prescribed something that works for him very soon.

Jeffreythegiraffe Mon 09-Nov-15 12:41:48

We had ranitidine and it worked wonders compared to Gaviscon which just constipates as it thickens everything. My DS ended up being diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy which is something to consider. Oh and he always put on weight so losing weight is not an indicator that they haven't got an allergy but GPs like to think it is.

I found we had to be firm with the gp, and I'm a hcp myself.

FondantFancy66 Mon 09-Nov-15 13:31:49

I'll call the GP today, check the referral has been sent. Poor little thing is screaming in pain today. Would A&E be a step too far?

MrsMolesworth Mon 09-Nov-15 19:49:49

Stomach massage is brilliant. Forgot that. I went to baby massage and learned to feel the wind and massage it out of him. He used to chuckle with pleasure. very rewarding after all the screaming, t do something that made him happy. He was twin too, and I also got so worried at ignoring his healthy brother. Don't feel guilty. It can't be helped. Things will get better.

Do try to get out of the house or you'll go stir crazy. I used to start the day by packing up a bag with loads of changes of clothes, wipes, nappies. meds and formula, then head out whenever possible.

Kim82 Mon 09-Nov-15 19:59:38

You have my sympathy. My youngest also had terrible reflux and like a PP said, she was also diagnosed as CMPA. Did you manage to get in at the GP? We ended up at A&E with dd as she just wouldn't stop screaming and the gp said she was fine and fobbed us off 4 times (arsehole!).

After the first A&E visit we were given ranitidine and referred to a paediatrician as an outpatient. Before the appt came through (we had to wait 6 weeks for it!) we went back to A&E with her a couple of times as the screaming wouldn't stop and they were always great with us and said we did the right thing bringing her in the absence of gp assistance and no paed appt. it meant she could be seen by a paed there and then. We we're given ranitidine, had the dosage upped and prescribed hypoallergenic formula (nutramigen Lipl 1) over the few attendances at A&E and she was eventually changed to omeprazole and an amino acid formula (nutramigen puramino) when we were finally seen by the paed as she wasn't fully settled by the time the appt came round.

Anyway, all I was trying to say was that if you feel A&E is necessary, take him. In my experience they honestly won't mind. Good luck.

Jeffreythegiraffe Mon 09-Nov-15 21:23:38

At 8 weeks you're perfectly reasonable to take your baby to A&E. He's so little they really won't mind.

Snert26 Wed 25-Nov-15 20:24:57

how are you getting on now? FondantFancy66 you decribed my son to a tee when he was newborn i feel your pain ad frustration , In my sons case he over the space of newborn to 4 weeks old he lost weigh including 14oz over one week end and he got seriously malnourished dyhatrayed and ended up seriously ill. i hadnt noticed how ill he looked because i was exausted myself being kept awake days and nights to cut a long story short he was rushed into A&E dignosed with pyloric stenosis (reflux problem) sent to the jr to have operation as he was so ill.
Everyone is right if you are really worried take him to A&E they really are great about things like that after the nightmare i had with health visitors and drs because the wouldnt listen to me.. the dr there told be a&e is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day if im ever worried about somthing again go straight up.

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