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Painful front tooth - 8yo? help

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DoctorFunkenstein Fri 06-Nov-15 07:17:48

Ds2 had some problems with his baby teeth, namely that I was quite ill when he was 4 and unable to do very much and let him brush them himself, which as I now realise was a stupid, stupid idea.

He had to have four out, over a period of time, these were (not sure of baby teeth names) about the third or fourth tooth along on each side, top and bottom.
He had an abscess on two of them and the other two were taken out as a precaution.

It was awful and I was mortified though far worse for him of course.

He is 8 now and all seemed well, he brushes his adult teeth well and I check them now and again (last tooth out about 6 months ago so not been to the dentist since as they checked them at the time).

He said yesterday that his lower front tooth (LL1 I think) is sensitive to cold, and hurt to bite on.

I'm terrified that he might lose it. Could infection have got in/stayed in the socket somehow after he lost his baby tooth there? (He didn't have to have that one removed and didn't have pain in it) It doesn't appear to have any decay when I look, though obvs I'm not qualified.

Is there any other reason that could cause this sort of pain (not constant) and also, what is likely to happen? I am trying to get him an appt today.

Thanks for any advice.

Walkingonsunshine00 Fri 06-Nov-15 07:29:25

It could be the nerve. Phone the dentist for an emergency appointment and you'll soon find out!

DoctorFunkenstein Fri 06-Nov-15 07:45:30

Well, yes, that was my fear. I just wondered if anyone knew of any alternative scenarios that could cause this sensitivity. And if not, how it could have occurred given that the tooth appears undamaged.

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