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Colic, trapped wind or silent reflux?

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LONC2012 Wed 04-Nov-15 20:17:51

My 10 week old ver placid baby has started getting a lot twister.
He is formula fed m, 5oz every 3 hours. About 30 mins - 1 hour after eating he gets really upset and twisty. I usually get one or two burps off him after finishing the bottle but sometimes nothing. When he gets upset he doesn't draw his legs up but more pushes them out in frustration. I have also noticed that he has started half way through his bottle to cough, I haven't changed his teats or anything so not sure why he is doing it.
He settles through the night really well still waking for his feeds.
He isn't a sicky baby, brings up maybe a burp but that's about it, when he starts getting upset sometimes there is a small amount of sick.
It's now been just short of 2 hours since he fed and he is wanting more already.
Does anyone have any thoughts? My GP already makes me think I'm wasting his time so would like to see other mins advice first smile

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