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9 month old with sore mouth

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Bohemond Wed 04-Nov-15 09:11:32

Suspect my 9 month old is teething (no teeth or symptoms up until now) but he is also reluctant to eat or take the bottle. He won't let me put my fingers anywhere near his mouth to check but It looks like he also has a sore on the inside of his lip which may be making things worse.

He could have done this on a toy or with his nails but I guess like anything constantly wet it is not healing quickly.

I will be off to the pharmacy later but would be grateful for any suggestions as to what to use on the sore bit to make him more comfortable.

ThatsNotMyHouseItIsTooClean Wed 04-Nov-15 09:20:11

Is it a mouth ulcer? If so, baby bonjela will help.
Has he got red dots or splotches on his hands &/or feet? If so, it may well be hand, foot & mouth. Some children (like DD) are quite cranky with it & run a high temp; others (like DS) don't seem bothered by it &, in his case, continued to go to nursery.
Are there white dots? It could be oral thrush? There's some cream you can get from the pharmacist.
Or, as you say, he may have just scraped or scratched it. No doubt he's at the everything-in-the-mouth stage so that can easily happen.

Bohemond Wed 04-Nov-15 09:25:31

Thank you! I can't see any red blobs on hands or feet but he was burning up yesterday and very unhappy although not a high temp. Calpol has calmed that down.
He seems much more himself today but won't be for long if I can't get any food down him!
Will try the baby bonjela.

GloGirl Wed 04-Nov-15 17:37:44

If it's a grey/white looking ulcer it could be oral thrush. You can buy Daktarin gel from the chemist.

Bohemond Wed 04-Nov-15 19:58:14

Thanks Glo. He seems much happier today although is still not eating as he usually does. He is asleep so can't be that hungry!

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