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BeeXxX Mon 02-Nov-15 21:29:05

When my 9 week old was first born I was told he had the type of club foot where the baby has been lay with his feet together in the womb (sorry I don't know the proper term) and that it would correct before his 6 week check. We had to massage his feet and the sides of his legs to help.

I went to the doctors for his 6 weeks check and he referred him for a scan on his hips which we're waiting to go to. But I've been looking at his legs and feet for the past couple of days and I'm worried that it's all worse than originally thought. His feet turn in noticeably and his toes curl under a lot.

I, myself suffer with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (the hyper-mobility form) so I have extra flexible joints etc, so I'm also worried that he may have this too. Does anyone have any experience with Clubfeet?? I'm wondering what to expect with his scan and what happens from there. TIA x

BeeXxX Tue 03-Nov-15 09:57:30


Twitterqueen Tue 03-Nov-15 10:03:24

One of my DCs was born with a club foot. Don't panic! The hospital staff are very experienced. DC had to go to hospital 3 x pw for the 1st 7 weeks for bandaging. Then DC wore a special boot for a few years - we had to go pretty regularly as obviously children grow quite quickly!

Operation at 2yrs old to lengthen the tendon to enable DC to put foot flatter (not completely flat) on the floor.

Never noticeable to others, DC not bothered by it though occasionally it rears up - for example, walking down steep hills can be a problem as toes won't grip properly, and PE at school.

Shoes are a problem - one foot 2 sizes smaller than the other.

Main concern now is that one leg is shorter than the other, which worries me re back problems.

As things go, it's treatable, doesn't really affect 'normal' life, and we don't view it as a 'biggie'.

Hope this helps

Tuiles Tue 03-Nov-15 10:09:51

My son had positional talipes and we were shown the stretching exercises to do. They gradually worked and after a few months it wasn't really noticeable. He had an ultrasound to check for clicky hips (auto correct wrote that as colicky hippos - he definitely didn't have those grin). He learnt to walk normally, though was slow to crawl.

My niece as a baby had very bow legs and nothing was done for her and she started walking at usual time and they gradually straightened out.

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