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Doctor doesn't know. Toes peeling.

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Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 18:52:59

I took DS2 to the doctors but didn't get any answers. I have been lathering Epaderm on for a few days but not noticed any improvement. He complains it hurts, but is Autistic and has a speech delay so he can't communicate that well so not sure if it is itchy.

Was wondering if anyone has an idea what it could be?

coffeeisnectar Sat 31-Oct-15 18:54:44

Is there any blistering? Any other symptoms? Are his hands ok?

Mrsmorton Sat 31-Oct-15 18:55:59

Athletes foot?

dementedpixie Sat 31-Oct-15 18:56:18

Athletes foot maybe. Would need anti fungal cream

Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 18:58:19

No blistering that I have seen. His hands are fine, and he does have a slight runny nose but that's it.

Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 19:00:26

I wondered if it was athletes foot but the doctor said it wasn't a fungal infection. Also said she didn't know what it was though!

Think I will pop to tesco now and pick something up for athletes foot, see if it helps!

Thank you.

coffeeisnectar Sat 31-Oct-15 19:01:01

Then could be athletes foot as others said.

Some cream will sort it out but if he wears trainers, put them through the wash to kill off any infection. Hope he's ok and the cream helps.

Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 19:02:10

Thank you. Will go get some now, and put his shoes in the next wash smile

greatbigwho Sat 31-Oct-15 19:05:16

My almost two year old had this for about a fortnight, then they peeled once more and that was it. She didn't appear to be in any discomfort or anything but other than that I have no advice, sorry!

ButEmilylovedhim Sat 31-Oct-15 19:10:03

Could he have had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease? My dd's toes peeled dreadfully after that. The toenails were affected too, in that they went thin and peeled off too. Maybe not, if he's not had any other symptoms but just thought I'd throw it out there.

lougle Sat 31-Oct-15 19:12:02

Strep A can cause this. Normally after the initial sore throat etc., has passed.

ThisFenceIsComfy Sat 31-Oct-15 19:15:02

Another vote here for hand foot and mouth.

Fraggled Sat 31-Oct-15 19:17:49

I don't know but I do remember having this as a child and it didn't hurt or itch.

waitingforcalpoltowork Sat 31-Oct-15 19:18:11

my kids feet do this no idea why and mine used to as a child it just seemed like instead of wearing off naturally my skin split off like a snake best thing i found was sugar scrub it or walk on the beach barefoot to get rid of it yes it hurts a bit but the relief when its gone is immense

RealHuman Sat 31-Oct-15 19:20:22

Juvenile plantar dermatosis?

Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 19:21:18

He actually had hand foot and mouth a few weeks ago. Then his brother had it but it was over 3 weeks ago now. I did mention it to the doctor but she said it wasn't connected as they don't peel, just come out in a rash...

I will try the athletes foot cream first and if no improvement still in a few days, I will get him seen by a different doctor. He doesn't seem to have any other symptoms so far, but he is constantly saying they hurt. But with the speech delay, it could be he means they itch. He is asking to be carried a lot though, and that isn't him at all. I usually can't keep him still!

luciole15 Sat 31-Oct-15 19:27:07

You can get HF&M multiple times. I got it at the same time as DC. My hand and feet hurt and it was only when the blisters came out I realised what it was.

minimalist000001 Sat 31-Oct-15 19:39:46

Another one for athletes foot

tittysprinkles Sat 31-Oct-15 20:08:42

Common things being common, I would say that is athletes foot.

Fallforallmycharms Sat 31-Oct-15 20:12:40

Very likely HF&M - my DD had it two weeks ago and hands and feet started to peel this week. Doc confirmed it was due to HF&M and said that nails might fall off also so looking forward to that ....

Straitjacket Sat 31-Oct-15 21:42:25

OK, so could be from the hand foot and mouth too.

I have got athletes foot stuff. Put powder on his toes and I have also bought a spray so will wash his shoes then spray them to be sure. They didn't have the cream though so hopefully the powder stuff works just as well.

If there is no improvement in a couple of days, I will definitely get him seen to and mention the HF&M and the juvenile plantar dermatosis. I will also continue using the Epaderm.

I just hate the thought of him being in pain. Even putting socks on his feet makes him cry out saying it hurts sad

Thank you everyone. All I have ever had experience with until recently is eczema and I didn't think it would be that. Then with the doctor saying it wasn't connected to HF&M nor was it a fungal infection, I have been baffled and wanting to know what it is so I can do something to help!

So I really am grateful for all the suggestions. Hopefully his toes will start healing now flowers

ThisFenceIsComfy Sat 31-Oct-15 22:13:56

This mentions peeling toes.

Alterego1965 Sat 31-Oct-15 22:15:38


I have it. It's horrible. Have a Google. Good luck.

StillYummy Sun 01-Nov-15 07:35:37

I remember my feet doing this whenever they grew, a month or so later I would be an inch taller.

StillYummy Sun 01-Nov-15 07:36:41

Though it didn't hurt. Just looked the same.

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