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2 year olds bones and joints constantly clicking /popping

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Mmcgar Sat 31-Oct-15 08:26:55

Hi all

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever come across this or have any advice. About 2 months ago my 2 year old DDs bones started clicking. It only happened now and then and seemed to be when I was lifting her etc. But as the weeks have gone on its happening almost constantly and in all of her joints. It's a sort of popping /cracking sound. She seems fine with it though. I took her to the doctors a few weeks ago but I felt as though I was fobbed off a bit, he just said cracking bones on its own isn't normally a problem. This didn't address why it suddenly started and why it's been getting quickly worse. I'm getting really worried about this in case it's something serious.
Has anyone ever heard of anything similar?


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