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Weaning advice

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Crazypetlady Wed 28-Oct-15 14:59:47

Hi we have been advised by the paediatrician to wean ds 5 months.
I really wanted to do baby led weaning at 6 months but things didn't work out that way.
Can I start blw when he is 6 months I know he will have been weaned already but can I use the concept of letting him explore an choose the food or will he be too confused by the puree?

Also I have kale, butternut squash, chicken, plums, frozen green beans, frozen summer fruits, frozen cherries, apples, savoy cabbage and a few other bits of veg in at the minute are these suitable to start with?


Lweji Wed 28-Oct-15 21:36:38

Why have you been advised to wean at 5 months?

Are you breast feeding or bottle feeding?

FWIW, I started DS a bit earlier than 6 months on baby rice, then purees, one item at a time.
He had no problems reaching out for the food he wanted and would happily grab and eat pieces of fruit while being fed puree or finely chopped food.
There is no right or wrong way and I think it can be too rigid to stick to purees only or BLW. What's important is that food time is enjoyable for the child and, if possible, for the parent.

Crazypetlady Thu 29-Oct-15 00:35:09

He had 3 8oz bottles in the space of four hours and has gained a pound over the last two weeks as he is having a loads of bottles and putting on a fair bit of weight hv was making me paranoid he was fat so I saw the paediatrician. The paediatrician recommended starting weaning as he was showing signs he was ready and also she said it may slow down his weight gain.

He is bottle fed now,

Thank you that's reassuring to hear

Lweji Thu 29-Oct-15 06:24:10

Not sure that weaning reduces weight...
Mine gained a lot of weight between 6 and 12 months until he was mobile.

Could it have been a growth spurt?

icklekid Thu 29-Oct-15 06:29:39

To answer your question you can do blw however it may have to be alongside puree if he starts dropping milk as will be hungry! We did mixture of baby led and puree although very quickly went to mashed so got used to lumps. He was weaned early too as advised and is great at feeding himself now with fingers or fork/spoon (15 months )

Crazypetlady Thu 29-Oct-15 08:31:50

No not a growth spurt he has been having quite a lot of milk for a few weeks. He was screaming yesterday I tried everything bottles, nappy, walking , rocking and he settled after a bit of puree.

Thanks Ickle

I was a little confused about the milk actually because I have read from 6 months they will often have 3 8oz bottles a day so i am unsure how many he should be drinking now.

Lweji Thu 29-Oct-15 08:33:43

But from 6 months they will also have other food on top of the bottles.

Crazypetlady Thu 29-Oct-15 09:30:32

I am not giving him a lot of food at the minute because I didn't want to start but as it was advised I am trying to take it slow and steady .

SparklyTinselTits Thu 29-Oct-15 09:32:49

I was advised to wean at 5 months due to reflux and couple of other issues. we still managed a mix of purees and BLW.
DD was teething at the time, so was picking up everything and anything and shoving in her mouth, so she could definitely do the same with food!

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