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What is this?

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bigfam Wed 28-Oct-15 13:41:31

Hopefully the pic uploads. 9 month old has had this a couple of weeks now and it's spreading all over her face/head. Have tried oilatum abd sudocrem incase it's eczema and a prescribed steriod. Nothing's working!

PlanetDave01 Wed 28-Oct-15 21:20:59

Looks like ring worm??? Have you been to pharmacy and asked them for an opinion?

bigfam Thu 29-Oct-15 04:24:27

I thought it looked like ringworm. Gp said it was unlikely, but gave us antifungal cream anyway (which isn't working)

DrewsWife Thu 29-Oct-15 04:29:29

Reminds me of psoriasis. Ask for a referral to dermatology.

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