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4 yr old primary 1st Molar - chipped and decayed

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Dawny1307 Sat 24-Oct-15 10:32:06

Please does anyone have any advice regarding chipped milk teeth (1st molars). My 4 yr old was eating popcorn 3 months ago and chipped a piece off both 1st primary molars on the bottom. The left side is now painful whenever he eats/chews! I went to an NHS dentist 2 months ago. She gave him 2 composite fillings. One fell out, the other extremely loose. I then went to a private dentist yesterday. He filled them both with Glass Ionomers. Came home, he is still in pain! There is now decay in both teeth apparently. I am very worried. I am aware that the primary teeth are important for the health of the permanent teeth and should be retained whenever possible (esp primary teeth retain the space for placement of permanent teeth) So don't want it extracted really but he can't live with this situation either. Worried about further infection/abscesses and since I don't do antibiotics at all (devastates gut flora) so I don't want him to on Antibiotics frequently. Any advice pleeease!!? Thanks.

Mundelfall Sat 24-Oct-15 10:51:55

If he had fillings yesterday it can take time for the tooth to calm down, so give it a few days.

I'm deliberately ignoring your 'I don't do antibiotics at all' statement but sitting back to wait for the bun fight grin

Graceymac Sat 24-Oct-15 12:25:40

Doesn't sound anything to do with an infection from what you say unless there is redness, swelling, a temperature or a general feeling of being unwell. I agree with Mundelfall, it is too soon to know whether the pain is as a result of the treatment or the original problem. I will comment on your stance (as a nurse!) to say in some cases the consequences of not taking antibiotics, for example leaving an infection untreated and developing sepsis, may be far worse than the concerns you have stated. I wouldn't want my child to take them unless absolutely necessary as I wouldn't want resistance to develop amongst other things. You are best to speak to the dentist who performed the treatment.

PullUpsAreTricky Sat 24-Oct-15 21:23:39

the fillings could be high causing pain on biting.
But what preventive measures are you currently employing as 2 cavities by 4 is early. Is he on adult toothpaste, avoiding sugary drinks/ sweets biscuits snacking between meals. visiting the dentist 4 times a tear for topical fluoride applications. this is what I would prescribe.

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