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Seeking Orthodontist / Orthotropic treatment in the North of England

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RandomMess Fri 23-Oct-15 11:40:20

Looking for an orthodontist who actively supports treatment of young children or in fact an orthotropic practioner.

My older dc all had expansion for their small jaws on the NHS, amazing results & avoided tooth extraction. Now I've moved "oop North" they are dismissive of treatment before all the adult teeth are mostly through shock and dismissive of expansion creating enough space to fit in her canines shock

Have spent hours googling to get a 2nd opinion (privately if need be) but not found anywhere that seems worth travelling to.

In the NW, quite happily to go down to Manchester or even Birmingham if need be...

Paden Fri 23-Oct-15 18:40:17

We travel from
BIRMINGHAM to see Michael mew, orthotropic practitioner in purley. It's a bit of a trek but they offer sat appointments to anyone more than 3 hours ' distance away .now the DCs are older it's only every 2 months so not too bad, I do it by train in a day . Good luck!

RandomMess Fri 23-Oct-15 20:59:59

Not sure I can face it sad also DD is now 10 so actually on the older side for Orthotropics, not to mention the cost of paying for it sad

Bunbaker Fri 23-Oct-15 21:21:58

" Now I've moved "oop North" they are dismissive of treatment before all the adult teeth are mostly through shock and dismissive of expansion creating enough space to fit in her canines"

Why the shock? Why do jaws have to be expanded? I have a small jaw and had tooth extractions before I wore a brace. My teeth look fine now.

Isn't it common sense to wait until all the adult teeth are through anyway? I don't see any point in doing work on milk teeth because they will come out.

RandomMess Fri 23-Oct-15 21:34:47

Because doing jaw expansion means they don't need to have extractions to make room for their teeth!

I too had teeth extraction to make room - I've ended up with gaps because they made too much room...

All the latest/current research/evidence is pro starting treatment when they are younger so the space is already there for the adult tooth to erupt into minimising the need for train tracks, giving them better/more natural facial shape and so on.

It's a different approach and I have been shocked to not be able to find ANYONE who offers this approach. It's not about the cosmetic look it's about the long term best result for their jaw and teeth.

It's like comparing the old approach of whipping out an appendix at the first sign of trouble to now living them in there unless it's essential to take them out. Treatment moves on and they all seem to be stuck about 10 year behind sad

RandomMess Tue 03-Nov-15 20:18:52

Still seeking recommendations sad

mawbroon Thu 05-Nov-15 01:18:29

Try John Roberts at the Cote Royd dental practice in Huddersfield.

Womblewoman1 Mon 30-Nov-15 22:44:51

Hi! New to this and the first time I've ever posted on a forum. Ds age 6.5 is mouth breathing, developing overbite, has a tongue and lip tie and needs early orthodontics before any more damage is done to his face which is elongating and flattening due to the mouth breathing. Only just realised about the tongue tie which the health visitor said he didn't have and which explains the trouble with breast feeding! I've read on here that Malcolm Levinkind is good for that so will try and get an appointment ASAP to sort that out. I've been to see Mike mew and he says to just monitor it for a while as Ds is quite young but that was a few months ago and things have got much worse since then as Ds has gone through a big growth spirt and his jaw has got much worse in just these few months. I like the idea of Orthotropics and what they can do but we live in Glasgow so going to be a struggle in the early stages of treatment as would have to get to London every few weeks for the first Six??(not sure) months or so. Anyone know of anyone following or doing similar work to the Mews up in Scotland - Glasgow, Edinburgh ?? Anywhere within a few hours? Also anyone know of a myofunctional therapists or people that can help with resolving tongue thrusts and helping sort out incorrect swallow and getting correct tongue posture after the tongue tie is released? Seems to be plenty in US but can't find any in UK. If you didn't use a therapist how did your Dc go about sorting out tongue posture etc? Devices? Dentist teach them? Any help or advice would be so appreciated as Gp and normal dentist look at me as if I'm mad and family and friends think that braces are for teenagers and any change in face shape etc is all down to genetics so it's good to find a forum and thread that understands!!

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