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Advice wheezy 3 year old

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Charitymummy Tue 20-Oct-15 22:11:41

DS has ventolin inhaler and nebuliser as has had several wheezy bouts since

He's currently noisy in bed but resps only 25 and pulse 110. Tummy going a bit. Sats 94/5. Had last puffs 2 hours ago.

So generally good and good colour.

Just never heard him so noisy. If it was non asthmatic your just say he was snoring with bit of wheezy whistle.

Do you think it's ok to leave him all time he asleep and resp rate slowish?

Normally can make good decisions but so tired after last night in a and e with him! Does it matter if they are noisy if they are otherwise ok? Just getting used to this!

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