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Severe constipation in 3 year old

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Bluemoon1780 Tue 20-Oct-15 18:43:33

Hi all im after some advice please my little one has severe constipation and is refusing her meds even disguised in something. Ive spoken too hospital and the doctor dealing with issue and basic advice was too follow little one around asking too have juice which as resulted in a refusal too drink at all. Ive been too doctor gp and health vistor and im beyond stressed with this anyone ben through similiar
. Weve tried movicol and senna we are now on lactulose and senna nothing is unblocking the big poo also suppositories just made for an hysterical child and they popped out! Any helpful advice please

TheAussieProject Wed 21-Oct-15 00:36:19

What about her diet? What is she eating?
Have you made any change? Introduced more soups and liquid in general?
Remove crisps and chocolate and only indulge when she is accepting the meds. Movicol comes in different flavors, my son loves the "Movicol-half" they sell here in Australia, he says it tastes like lemonade.

Lots of us have been were you are. It can't only be about meds, it is diet based, you need to cut if not remove milk and dairy, banana, rice, ...
What will she have on a typical day, starting from breakfast to dinner.
Are you followed by a nutritionist? Do you have an idea of the fiber amount she is having? What does she drink? .....

If she has a faecal impaction, Movicol in high dose is usually working.

I am not so sure about giving her juice all day long. Because it will cut her appetite for food that will help her and give her an habit devastating for her teeth.

minimalistaspirati0ns Wed 21-Oct-15 00:51:40

Lots of water, dried apricots and no white wheat at all.

minimalistaspirati0ns Wed 21-Oct-15 00:53:56

I must stress giving up white wheat is important. White wheat in any form - cake, pizza, pasta, bread, biscuits causes constipation in 4 people I know

RockinHippy Wed 21-Oct-15 00:57:26

We've been through this & then some over the years. Mine ended up with a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility & the blockages were down to an extra stretchy guy, that plus a soy allergy, so maybe

Apple juice is a natural laxative, so that would be the best to give her & probably why the doctor has suggested juice ??

You need to cut out all white carbs, no bread, no pasta etc - these all slow the transit of food through the gut right down. Until the constipation is clear if you can keep her on soft fruits, this will,help with liquid & roughage

How about getting her making smoothies with you, lots if fruit, lots of apple juice & sneak some movicol into the mix, or better still let her have some control & add it herself & have her drink those.

First off though, get on the internet & find child friendly explanations of a drip & explain to her that if she doesn't drink, then that's what the doctors will have to do. Then suggest the smoothie making & offer her seething to collect, that you give her for each drink she has - we used pennies painted with bail.polish & called them flower coins - she collected 10 & she got a trip to the pound shop & a £1 to spend

Good luck

minimalistaspirati0ns Wed 21-Oct-15 00:59:11

Porridge with berries, tomato soup, casseroles, fruit salad for pudding, oranges for snacks, make and freeze your own lollies or make slushies.

What does she eat at the moment?

RockinHippy Wed 21-Oct-15 00:59:57

Lots a bit of text - So maybe ask your doctors about allergy testing - IgE & IgA blood tests if I remember correctly

RockinHippy Wed 21-Oct-15 01:02:43

someting to collect - not seething - autocorrect gone nuts confused

FeelsLikeHome123 Wed 21-Oct-15 01:19:42

Fruit smoothies
Figroll biscuits
Fresh fruit (avoid bananas as they cause constipation)
Freeze some fruit juice (especially orange) in icepop moulds and give to your dd as ice pops

RockinHippy Wed 21-Oct-15 01:33:31

Ripe bananas are fine feels they will help clear constipation - it's only green, unripe bananas that can help cause constipation, it's because of the starch clogging things up, it's broken down more when they ripen

Bluemoon1780 Wed 21-Oct-15 09:42:46

Hello all my little one is a fussy eater she will happily eat fruit and does so everyday but when it comes too soup casserole or any main meal she will point blank refuse too eat it. She will however eat bread and pasta she wont eat it if its been covered in anything.

Weve tried smoothies fresh fruit ive made lollies all mostly rejected she used too eat dried prunes but has recently decided she doesnt want too eat them either. Her day cereal for breakfast a yogurt fruit plums orange peaches etc whatever is in the bowl snack at group which is fruit cheese and crackers etc lunch is a sandwich carrot sticks pepper celery tomatoes then she doesnt eat much from lunch time and dinner is always refused unless its something she likes i.e bread cheese or pasta but it mustn't touch something she doesnt like or she wont eat that either.
we had her diet looked at last year when we eliminated soya dairy and wheat we saw little too no improvement but her new doctor hasnt requested it. Its much worse now as her only control is refusing food and she has gone from being a fantastic eater too refusing all but a handful of things. Im lost about what too do and feel she will end up in hospital doctors ive seen dont seem overly concerned though
Thanks for taking time too reply

TheAussieProject Wed 21-Oct-15 20:53:23

There are too much cereals in her diet. I assume white cereals.
Cereal for breakfast, crackers for snack, bread for lunch and pasta or bread for dinner.

You are already desperate, so go cold turkey. Prepare some pancake with whole flour for breakfast, this will increase her proteins for the day. Then go with her to the market or fresh section of the supermarket and let her pick her the vegs. Try different way of cutting and cooking the vegetables. Grating the carrots, slicing the tomatoes and alternate them on plate with a slice of mozzarella and a leave of basil. Buy olive oil, put some salt and olive oil on finely cut lettuce, ..... Boil green beans, let them cool and let her dip them in green pesto. You need to put color and variety on your table.

Don't let her have anything to eat (even a tiny cracker or a slice of apple) two hours before meal. No juice, milk, only water. She needs to feel hungry to eat. We do not realize it, but we snack constantly. Very seldom do we really feel the hunger, we experience more the craving.

And what do you eat? Do you have the same meal, at the same time, at the same table?

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