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Toddler teeth brushing problems

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FabulousoFanjo Tue 20-Oct-15 11:19:48

My ds is 3 and everytime i try 2 brush his teeth he throws a major tantrum. He'll clamp his mouth shut and squeal and cry and wriggle about until i have to hold his head to get it done. I've tried giving him his own toothbrush and then sneaking in to get it done but its always the same outcome. His twin sits happily enough to get his done. Any ideas??

Coffeemorris Thu 05-Nov-15 11:12:34

Same problem here until I discovered Jack and Jill musical electric toothbrush. From Planet Organic. Now it's a breeze. Can brush uninterrupted for a full 2 mins twice a day !!!!

I thought my DD (3yrs) would be too young for an electric toothbrush (pls tell me someone if she is!) but the packet said 3+ yrs.

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