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Long term Omeprazole and anaemia

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rosielea Thu 15-Oct-15 11:28:38

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this? I have some questions but I realise they might be pretty specialist!

saucony Thu 15-Oct-15 21:58:30

Sometimes the reason why you're taking the omep is the cause the anaemia. If that makes sense?!

lotsoffunandgames Thu 15-Oct-15 22:00:26

Why is your dc on tablets? What has your doc said about that and anaemia?

rosielea Fri 16-Oct-15 14:42:09

Hi there, thanks for the replies. Yes Saucony, it makes sense, gastritis etc? My DD has Cerebral Palsy and has been on Omeprazole about 3 years, she is 6. She had a bad chest infection last Dec' and it was discovered at that time that she was very anaemic, I think it was 3.6, she had a transfusion and has been on oral (well, via feeding tube) sitron (?) since then but her hb levels have been dropping steadily since. She's had an endoscopy/colonoscopy that showed she has chronic gastritis and reflux oesophagitis which is most likely the cause of blood loss and therefore dropping hb but I'm wondering how big a part the Omeprazole may be playing in her hb levels falling in spite of large doses of additional iron.x

dratsea Sun 18-Oct-15 03:59:47

Omeprazole can inhibit iron adsorption to cause iron deficiency anaemia even with dietary iron supplements. Do you give the Sytron two hours before the omeprazole?

rosielea Sun 18-Oct-15 07:50:36

Thank you for the reply Dratsea, no, not specifically 2 hrs before. She has 3 doses a day, 2 of which are within an hour of the omeprazole. Her Paed thinks that the supplement should override the effects of the omeprazole on iron absorption and the gastro Dr is just not interested in that aspect. I do feel there should be a pharmacologist or someone to advise on this but it all gets a bit confusing when there are already so many people involved in her care.

dratsea Sun 18-Oct-15 08:25:50

You are associated with a hospital. It treats children. There will be a pharmacist with paediatric responsibilities. Go find. FWIW, I think you are on to something. Good luck.

LatinForTelly Sun 18-Oct-15 23:46:58

Gosh I didn't know this. My son has been on Omeprazole for seven and a half years. Not had any blood tests for about 2 years but no iron problems up to then (although other problems with abnormal bloods). Sorry I can't be any help, rosielea, but I'd be interested in what you find out - and hope things get better for your DD.

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