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Frequent Stomach ache

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BerniceB Wed 30-Sep-15 09:15:22

Do you think this is worthy of a GP visit?

Child has some history of constipation, but not currently an issue. Complaining on and off of stomach ache over the last couple of months, sometimes during the night. Sometimes quite painful. Generally seems to resolve quite quickly, but there have been occasions where it's lasted a while. Stomach does seem a little hard at times.

Rather a windy child, but I don't think it's trapped wind.

Every time I think I should take DC to the GP it stops happening.

amarmai Sat 03-Oct-15 02:29:30

take him anyway. Why worry when you can get it checked?

Neddyteddy Sat 03-Oct-15 03:41:54

What does he eat? Wheat?

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