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Movicol deimpaction three so far

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Mummytron Sun 27-Sep-15 18:30:56

Hi all
Four year old is on movicol to de impact. Day 3 and we've had some long thin ones and some small ones but not much different to normal. How long before I expect some explosion? X

LeBoob Sun 27-Sep-15 18:35:35

We saw no difference at all with movicol,lactalose, califig, juice or lotions & potions! Just as I was at the end of my tether a friend suggested cutting out milk. Well if I hadnt have done it I would have never believed it! No more crying, bleeding & actual number 2s that weren't like bricks! Just a suggestion as it worked for us!

LeBoob Sun 27-Sep-15 18:39:28

I should mention we persisted with movicol for 6 months before trying something else!

numberseventeen Sun 27-Sep-15 18:48:27

Day 4/5 for us. It wasn't as much as expected to be honest!

Ds went through this in October after we'd found a fabulous consultant who helped so much. The game changer for us was sodium pico-sulphate- I think without it we would still be struggling. 1 week of no icon and then the pico every day for a month and nothing since. Totally normal movements, keep going it will be worth it

DriverSurpriseMe Sun 27-Sep-15 19:00:24

I take it you're increasing the dose daily? How many sachets did he have today?

Once you hit the peak of 8 sachets then it'll be water, basically. That's how you know the blockage is gone.

Mummytron Sun 27-Sep-15 19:18:07

We did 2 Friday and 4 yesterday and today.
6 tomorrow and next day then 8

numberseventeen Sun 27-Sep-15 20:00:32

I was expecting an explosion but it didn't really come, just manageable runniness.

The pico made the difference, consultant described it as giving the bowel some umph and without it I think we would still be struggling. It's worth asking about

Almahart Sun 27-Sep-15 20:07:01

I did it with one of my dc about five years ago. After eight sachets we had a day of black thin pencil like poos. That was all the old stuff. It was fascinating. Sorry tmi I know. After that it was just duarrhea straight away if we have too much movicol and we learned how to balance it over a few weeks. Dc as similar age, we did it over the holidays which I think is standard advice

RomComPhooey Sun 27-Sep-15 20:09:15

The game changer for us was sodium pico-sulphate- I think without it we would still be struggling.

Same for my son, who has been under the care of a paediatric gastroenterologist for nearly 7 years. Movicol is a stool softener - it draws in fluid. It did nothing for DS. Pico is a stimulant laxative and stimulates gut contractions. DS did find pico upsetting at first, possibly because his bowel was still quite loaded. He's been on 17.5ml for the last couple of years and he's so much better, daily BM and no impaction. We're just starting to taper his dose down now - his consultant says his current dose would render most adults housebound (short toilet leash).

ellenanora5 Tue 06-Oct-15 23:02:40

Ds2 was 12 when he had to have movical for impactation, four sachets day one, 6 day two, 8 day three, 10 day four, 12 day 5, before day 6 he would have to go in a hurry but nothing to write home about, on day 6 the explosion arrived, it was volcanic but upside down if you know what I mean, he felt no pain at all, we basically just camped beside the loo with books, DVD player and iPad tablet thing he had at the time, he was very tired and slept on and off but after 48 hours he was clear, and we were free to move outside grin

It still happens but nothing as bad as before and usually a couple of sachets will shift it, oh and leboob is right, cut out the milk, that was the first thing doc said to me, lay off the dairy, he has autism and dairy products was one thing he tolerate but hey ho, the pros outweighed the cons.

Anyway sorry for essay style answer and I hope your little chap is doing better, if he can get him to drink plenty of water, take care.

RomComPhooey, hope,your chap is ok, that's so tough for him.

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