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Newborn and coldsores

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Sodabread Thu 10-Sep-15 04:08:44

I had a baby last week, and on day two my toddler became a little unwell, had sore throat and runny nose etc. I thought this would not be great for baby so tried to limit contact a bit, but the first day my toddler had kissed her baby sister and cuddled her.

By day 4, my toddler had red marks on her cheek and so I took her to gp. Gp thought it was her first outbreak of the coldsore virus. She took swabs and also suggested my newborn is tested.

I have since read up on all the dangers of cold sores in newborns and am panicking. I took my newborn to a and e, last night as I was worried about her drowsiness and gp said this could be a sign of her getting ill. The a and e dr said that she was fine, but to remain alert for drowsiness.

I now think I have a coldsore, which I have had several of before, but feeling panicked about risk of infection. I'm trying to minimise contact between the two girls, there is no kissing or sharing of food/drinks/ plates. I am also hand washing frequently but am finding it hard to enjoy this time, because of nature of the risk.

Does anyone have any experiences of this?

SheldonsSpotOnTheCouch Thu 10-Sep-15 14:54:21

Isn't it the case that if you get coldsores yourself you pass antibodies onto baby during birth (and bf if you are) which gives some protection in the early days? I'm sure I read that when I was worrying about my baby being in contact with someone with a coldsore. I've never haf one so that made me panic even more.

amarmai Sat 19-Sep-15 23:42:53

i beleive you will have passed on this thru your blood to your cc. And in turn your mother passed it on to you. People have a variety of ways to limit/cure them when they erupt. Google and see what you want to try and check with your dr.

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